Suprema Kitchen Shears

Stainless Steel - Hot Forged

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Suprema Professional Kitchen Shears suitable for cutting all kinds of food, gutting fish, cutting up rabbit, game and all types of poultry (chicken, turkey, duck).

- Strong micro-serrated blades, designed to hold the food firmly while cutting, and also for removing joints and small bones.

- High durability and great cutting performance.

- Hot Forged.

- Length 23 cm.

- Can be easily washed with soap and water, or in the dishwasher for better cleaning.

Care of scissors

-       Wash the scissors immediately after use.

-       Use a neutral or low-alkaline detergent. Do not use bleach or caustic soda.

-       Avoid scrubbing the scissors with abrasive products or metal scrubbing pads.

-       Do not leave the scissors immersed in water for long periods.

-       Keep the scissors out of the reach of children.

-       For sharpening and readjustments, take them to a knife specialist.

Material Stainless Steel
Production Hot Forged
Measure 9"
Colour Bright
Packaging Case
Use Professional Kitchen Shears


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