Spare Electric Sharpener

Diamond - Ceramic

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Head of Electric Sharpener

1 Diamond - Coarse sharpening

2 Ceramic - Fine sharpening


- Applicable to kitchen knives of various materials and ceramic knives.

- For ceramic knives, best results and fast.

- Diamond and ceramic material guarantee high efficiency and fine sharpening result.

- Accurate angle guide and constant sharpening pressure reshape the perfect blade.

- Stainless steel decoration creates a noble, bright appearance, and easy to clean.

- Replaceable sharpening head, extend product life, economic and environmental protection.


How to use:

1. Replace a new sharpening head when the original one does not work property due to abrasion.

2. Disassemble, clean and install the sharpening head.

- To disassemble the sharpening head, rotate the sharpening head clockwise and pull out after the rotation stopped.

- To install the sharpening head, insert sharpening head into the body of the sharpener until it is tightened.

Material Diamond, Ceramic
Measure 8,5 cm
Packaging Blister
Use Sharpeners


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