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Manufacturing Process Hairdressing Scissors

Manufacturing Process Hairdressing Scissors

Scissors are practically an extension of hairdresser's hands, who should look scissors qualities as cutting performance, ergonomic and lightness.

Material and manufacturing process determine the properties of the finished product.
Hairdressing scissors should be stainless steel of the highest quality. And if we join it to the best process of transformation of the steel, such as hot forging, it will give us a high quality scissors.

Manufacturing is a long but satisfying process where product life begins on a steel rod, and continues with different steps such as making the Mold, Hot Forging, Polishing of the piece, Assembly and Quality Control, among others, to become the finished scissors.

Steel rod.

Steel rod

Forged piece.

Forged piece

Cut piece.

Cut piece

Drilled piece.

Drilled piece

Polished piece.

Polished piece

Semi-finished piece.

Semi-finished piece

Finished Piece.

Finished Piece

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