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Showing 1-12 of 138 item(s)

More information about 3 Claveles scissors

It is difficult to find a catalog of  scissors on the market that exceeds the wide range of possibilities offered by 3 Claveles in variety. On the 3claveles.com website you will find scissors suitable for all types of professions and activities. We have scissors specifically designed for cooking,  hairdressing, vintage, tailoring, manicure or even to be used at school. Our scissors are very useful and versatile tools, which can be used in a wide variety of activities such as cutting hair, nails, fabric or paper. Without any doubt, scissors are an essential element at home, in the office or in the workshop.

3 Claveles  scissors are made of high-quality materials that guarantee long-lasting durability. The materials used to make the scissors are resistant to rust, have a good grip and have a sharp blade. 3 Claveles scissors stay in good condition for longer, which means they don't dull easily. All the models of 3 Claveles scissors have a good grip, which will allow you to cut objects, food or other elements correctly and precisely without the risk of cutting yourself.

In the  scissors section of 3claveles.com you will find scissors of different sizes and different types of blades, all with specific characteristics appropriate to the activity that is going to be carried out. Each scissors is designed for a specific purpose. Fine-cutting scissors are ideal for cutting delicate fabrics, while coarse-cutting scissors are better suited for harder materials. There are also garden shears, pruning shears, and hairdressing shears, among others.

With 3 Claveles you have the absolute guarantee and certainty that you are getting an article that is of the best quality. The blades of our scissors and knives are sharp and withstand use without losing their properties. Whichever scissors you choose at 3 Claveles, we recommend you pay special attention to the following factors. When you buy one of our  scissors, make sure the blade is the right length for the activity you are going to do. The sheet must be long enough to correctly execute the activity to be carried out.

In the case of stationery, to give an example, the sheet should reach halfway through the paper, which will prevent the hand from suffering unnecessarily. Likewise, the scissors must have a good grip and a firm and comfortable touch. As with the blade, the handle must be just the right size. Not too small and not too big. Choose the appropriate option among all the possibilities offered by 3 Claveles, we have models for all types of ages.

Finally, choose scissors that have the right weight. Make sure you get a pair of scissors that are neither too heavy nor too light and that you are comfortable with. The right weight will guarantee you adequate mobility without being hindered.

At 3 Claveles you will find  scissors that will guarantee you the highest quality, all of them at the best price and totally suitable for the activity you are going to carry out.