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3 Claveles Electrician Scissors offer everything necessary for electrical professionals or other types of users in a more domestic environment. Electrician Scissors cut and strip cables quickly and efficiently without damaging the filaments. Most are made of stainless steel or carbon and have different shapes to specifically adapt to the specific function for which they have been designed. Within the 3 Claveles electrician scissors, we can distinguish the so-called classic models, with a short and sharp tip, mainly intended for a professional user. Among the options that 3 Claveles offers you is also the "telephone electrician" model designed to cut telephone wires and the like.

3 Claveles Electrician Scissors have a toothed or smooth edge that performs the function of stripper. The shape of the blade of the 3 Claveles electrician scissors allows you to cut the insulation of the cables without breaking the conductors.

This type of scissors is fully adjustable to any type of user and space, which makes it easy to cut cables in the narrowest and most difficult-to-reach places. In addition, Electrician Scissors are a really durable item that, well cared for, has a long life cycle.

Electrician Scissors come in a truly wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific needs of each situation. With the models that 3 Claveles offers you, you will ensure that you have the most suitable tool at your disposal for each job that you have to carry out. The long, slim shape of the electrician's shears is ideal for getting into tight places and hard-to-reach wiring behind walls. The serrated edge is perfect for cutting very tight cables. The ergonomic handles, made mainly of polypropylene, facilitate the grip of the scissors in an ergonomic way and prevent them from slipping from the hands during use.

If you work on a commercial site or in a facility that uses a lot of electrical wiring, you may have to deal with a lot of insulated wire. These make it really hard to strip the wires without damaging them. The best solution is to use Electrician's Scissors, which have teeth that do not damage the wires.

In summary, Electrician Scissors are an essential tool for any electrician or DIY lover and are ideal for cutting and handling cables and electrical materials. There are different types of scissors available to meet different needs. Be sure to choose an option that is good quality and comfortable to wear for the best performance and durability.

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