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Stainless Steel
Price €34.67
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More information about  hatchets

Discover the  hatchets of 3 Claveles for butchers or fishmongers, and in general, for professionals in the food industry.

These specialized  hatchets are professional grade, made for cutting meat, fish and other foods. These axes are designed for a specific purpose, and are not intended for general use. The most important feature to consider when buying a cleaver or fishmonger's hatchet is the quality of the blade. Make sure the blade of the butcher's or fishmonger's ax is made of high-quality steel. This ensures that the blade is durable and will not bend when cut with it.

These  butcher's and fishmonger's hatchets are built to last, and are designed to withstand the strenuous and demanding work of professionals in the food industry. Trust the 3 Claveles brand of butcher or fishmonger axes and you will see that they are designed to last.

There is no single right answer when choosing the right  hatchet for your specific needs. There are many options to choose from, and your choice will depend on your specific business needs or purposes.