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It is extremely important to have the right tools when carrying out an activity that has specific characteristics and its own needs. The world of cooking, both at a professional and amateur level, is one of these cases. With the 3 Claveles Kitchen Scissors you can cut all kinds of food, clean fish and chop pieces with little effort and in the most comfortable and strong way possible. The blades of our shears are strong and designed to hold food while cutting. With the 3 Claveles kitchen scissors, you won't have any kind of difficulty separating joints and bones in any type of meat or fish thanks to their blades, which will provide you with an optimal sharpening level and maximum maneuverability.

Kitchen Scissors are an essential object in any type of home. This type of scissors is a tool that is constantly used when cooking, whether it is to open containers, chop food or any other type of task. Doing it with the right tool, such as the scissors that you have at your disposal in the 3 Claveles online store, will make things much easier for you.

3 Claveles Kitchen Scissors are mainly made of stainless steel. The shape of the sheet of the models varies according to the activity for which it is intended. At 3 Claveles you have models specifically designed for each function. We have small and light scissors for precise jobs, such as cutting thin and delicate foods. We also have larger and more robust scissors that are very useful for cutting thicker and tougher foods.

Take a look at our poultry carving scissors, which have a slightly curved and shorter blade that makes them ideal for this type of food; and chewing scissors, which are very useful for shredding and crumbling food more efficiently.

At 3 Claveles you will find scissors for all types of profiles and ages. Scissors designed to be effective in a professional context or scissors for a domestic environment that can be used at home, even by children. We have blades of different sizes and options in rounded tips that are very safe.

Among the options that you will find in our online store you will also find scissors designed for left-handed users. Left-handers are a relatively large group of people, in Spain it is estimated that between 8 and 13% of people are, who need specific tools.

At 3 Claveles we offer solutions with models adapted to your needs. The handles of the 3 Claveles Kitchen Scissors also offer you different possibilities. In our online store you can choose between enameled handles, plastic or metal handles. All of them in different colors and shapes.

In short, the 3 Claveles Kitchen Scissors are an essential tool in any type of professional or amateur kitchen. Adequate scissors will greatly facilitate your activity. Opt for the most suitable kitchen scissors for your needs and you will be able to cut food and perform other kitchen tasks with absolute efficiency and safety.