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More information about 3 Claveles shaving products

Discover 3 Claveles shaving products such as brushes and razors in different models and for different types of hair. Shaving of the best quality.

With the shaving accessories that you have at your disposal in our online store you will achieve excellent results. Discover the best in shaving with the accessories that you have at your disposal in 3 claveles. With them you will get the best shave with the least effort thanks no matter what your type of hair or the type of beard you want to wear.

To choose the shave that best suits your style and your preferences, at 3 Claveles we offer you different kits with everything you need to make your shaving routine an absolutely pleasant experience. We have different shaving options with which you can choose the option that best suits your budget.

To choose an option in everything related to shaving , we recommend that you look carefully at the sheets of our products. Here you will be able to obtain more detailed information about each product that will help you find the shaving option that best suits the peculiarities of your beard and its needs.

Shopping with 3 Claveles is an extremely simple process. Choose the item in which you are selected and choose from the options that we put at your disposal the way to pay for it. You can place your order from anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula or the Balearic Islands. With 3 Claveles, shipping costs on purchases over 50 euros are free. If you want more information about shaving or other types of articles from 3 Claveles, subscribe to our newsletter.