Texturizing scissors

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We offer you a complete range of Texturizing scissors hairdressing scissors, designed to help hairdressers create a wide variety of looks.

The Texturizing scissors are composed of two blades with teeth, similar to the single blade of the sculpting scissors. It is mainly used to deliver a lot of volume without losing the length of the hair, making it versatile for a variety of styles.

The Texturizing scissors have a fundamental advantage over the sculpting scissors, since the uncut mantle when using this scissors is not damaged because there is no exposed edge on neither of the two pages. Due to its teeth similar to those of sculpting scissors, we can say that its ability to remove volume will depend on the size of the tooth, the blade of the scissors, the spacing between the teeth, the number of teeth on the blade, and the finish of the blade. teeth.

Our scissors are made with high quality materials, extremely resistant and sharp to achieve a precise cut. Additionally, our thinning shears are ergonomic and comfortable to use, making them perfect for everyday use. If you are looking for a pair of thinning shears to suit all your needs, then look no further, we have them here at 3 Claveles!