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Stainless Steel
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Stainless Steel
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Wood Fork

Stainless Steel - Rosewood Handle

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Wood Spoon

Stainless Steel - Rosewood Handle

Price €6.36
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More information about  table knives

3 Claveles table knives are knives generally used to cut food on the table while we eat. There are many different styles of knife depending on the type of food you are going to cut. Each one with its characteristics, to facilitate the cutting and handling of each type of food. Thus, spade-shaped fish knives are ideal for handling; For meat, serrated table knives are the ideal option due to the ease with which they separate the meat fibers.

In general, the classic table knife is versatile and is a good solution for all types of food. You can find table knives with rounded or pointed tips with handles made of different materials such as wood, polypropylene or ABS handles.

As we say, table knives offer multiple possibilities of use. A good table knife can be used to easily cut bread or chop all kinds of vegetables. Table knives with a narrower blade are very useful for cutting soft foods like salads, while others prefer a wider blade to cut meat and other types of food optimally.

The 3 Claveles table knife is one of the most popular and is a good option for most people due to its price, durability and flexibility. If you are interested in getting them, you can buy them individually or in sets, mainly 4 units. 3 Claveles offers you different options so that you can buy your table knives in the most comfortable way. The purchases you make arrive quickly to the place where you are within the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. If you make a purchase of more than 50 euros, shipping costs are free. If you are interested in receiving news related to 3 Claveles, subscribe to our Newsletter where you will periodically receive news related to 3 Claveles.