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The 3 Claveles Ham holders allows you to sit and hold the ham to cut it into thin slices, turn it to better access all parts and fold it to save space when storing it. It is an essential utensil that every cook should have in their kitchen.

The Ham holders should be big enough to fit all the ham, but not so big that it takes up too much space in your fridge. If you have a large ovenproof tray, you can use this as a support for the ham, but be sure to place it on the tray so that it does not touch the bottom of the tray. This will prevent the ham from sticking to the pan and from curling up on itself.

In addition to the Ham holders, you may want to purchase a cutting board. Although a cutting board is not essential for everyone, it does make the process of slicing ham much easier. A ham cutting board is a cutting board long enough to accommodate the length of a ham. It keeps the ham upright which makes it much easier to slice.

If you have a large ham, you can opt for a large wooden stand. You can also choose a ham holder with a clamp to secure the ham during cutting. Another option is a stand with a swivel base. This style allows you to slice your ham upright. Depending on the size of your ham and the type of ham holder you choose, you may need to cut your ham horizontally.