School Scissors

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The School Scissors 3 Claveles are designed for children to develop their creativity doing crafts or their school work.

They are ideal for cutting paper, cards, fabrics, cardstock, foam boards and other materials. These scissors are made of high quality materials and have a safe cutting edge. They are lightweight, easy to hold and comfortable for users to use. The School Scissors by 3 Claveles are a great choice for parents who want their children to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

These scissors can be used for many different purposes such as cutting paper, cardboard, fabric, card, cardstock, cardstock, and more. They are ideal for craft projects, school work or paper cutting. Kids can also use these scissors to cut tape, string, and other materials. These scissors are lightweight, easy to hold, have a rounded cutting edge, and are durable enough for many years of use.

The School Scissors 3 Carnations have a thin blade and a rounded tip. They are used to precisely cut paper, cardstock, fabric, or other materials. They are ideal for students who need to cut paper for a school project. 3 Claveles school scissors are designed to adapt to children's small hands, which makes it easier for them to grasp the scissors. 3 Claveles school scissors are made of a lightweight plastic material. If your child is learning to cut shapes or doing a school project, the 3 Claveles school scissors will facilitate the activity.