Accessories for pedicure

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Corn Cutter

Carbon Steel - Polystyrene Handle
Price €7.22


Stainless Steel
Price €12.51
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More information about accessories for pedicure

We present our callus removers, callus removers, foot files and other accessories for pedicure and foot care.

We specialize in developing high-quality, safe, and effective products, and at 3 Claveles we offer the best callus remover and other foot care products. We hope you like our pedicure products and that you choose the best option for your feet. When choosing the best callus remover, choose a product that has been tested by experts. We present our pumice stones and 3 Claveles beauty accessories for foot care.

These pedicure products will help you remove dead skin from the bottom of your feet. You can also use them to cut calluses and prevent them from becoming too thick. Some people like to file their feet to reduce callus buildup. It is a quick way to get smooth skin on your feet. You can even use this process to shape your nails.

You can choose between different types of callus removers depending on your needs, budget and preferences. For example, you can choose a manual callus remover or callus file. Take a look at our range of pedicure products.