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Takumi Usuba Knife

Stainless Steel - Olive Wood Handle - Curved blade with hammered finish

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More information about 3 Claveles japanese knives

The fame of Japanese knives is deserved. Japanese knives are recognized for the precision and quality they offer. This type of knife, recognizable by its sharp and thin blade, has become increasingly popular in the world for the good service it offers. Japanese knives have been made in Japan for centuries offering outstanding performance. 3 Claveles Japanese knives will offer you everything you need to carry out your duties in Japanese cuisine with precision. This type of knife cuts, chops and slices very easily since they are designed for it. It can be said that the Japanese knife is the equivalent of the European chef's knife.

One of the distinctive features of Japanese knives is their sharp blade. At 3 Claveles you have knives with fine blades like the Santoku Osaka model, knives with thicker blades like the Santoku Sakura knife.

This makes them ideal for cutting food with precision and effortlessness, such as raw fish or vegetables. Japanese knives also often have a curved blade, which makes cutting easier and allows for more control when handling the knife.

Another unique feature of 3 Claveles Japanese knives is the type of steel used in their manufacture. 3 Claveles Japanese knives are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and easy to maintain.

There are many different types of Japanese knives, each designed for a specific task. Some of the most common include the sushi knife, the broad-bladed paring knife, and the butcher knife. Each one has a unique blade and shape that makes it ideal for its purpose.

In short, Japanese knives are renowned for their precision and quality throughout the world. Their sharp, thin blade and the high-quality steel used in their manufacture make them ideal for a wide variety of culinary tasks.

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