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More information about Corkscrew

Discover our Corkscrew. Just like plates, glasses or cutlery, there is a small and infallible instrument that cannot be missing in any home: the 3 Claveles corkscrew.

A Corkscrew is a small but essential tool that can enhance your wine experience. When choosing a corkscrew, try to find one that fits your hand and is easy to use. As with any other tool or appliance, it is essential to have a corkscrew that you can trust.

As with any other appliance or tool, the first thing to do is take care of it. Once a month, you should make sure that the corkscrew is not rusty and that it is in good condition. If you want your corkscrew to last a long time, you must take care of it.

Now, given the importance of a Corkscrew, it's essential that you find one that you can easily use and trust. You will find it useful especially when you open a bottle of wine, champagne or beer. However, there are some people who avoid drinking the bottle when it is uncorked because they believe it is bad luck.