Bread knives

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Evo Bread Knife

Stainless Steel - Polypropylene Handle - Stamped

Price €8.24

Rioja Bread

Stainless Steel - Micarta Handle - Stamped
Price €69.48
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More information about  bread knives

3 Claveles bread knives are the ideal knives for effortlessly cutting bread. This type of bread, thanks to its special characteristics, cuts any type of bread with great ease. These types of bread with their sawtooth edge tear through the bread fibers cleanly and quickly.

The cutting knives that you have at your disposal in 3 claveles have a very ergonomic design, which adapts perfectly to the shape of the hand to thus provide maximum comfort to the user. We have handles in different materials such as polypropylene or oak wood.

The length of the blade of this type of knife will allow you to cut bars of different thicknesses or loaves without any complications. Serrated bread knives are a much more efficient option than regular knives when cutting bread. As you may have seen, it is not easy to cut bread with a knife without a serration. Oddly enough, bread is a product that easily dulls knives with normal blades.

On the 3 Claveles website you have at your disposal models of bread knives made of stainless steel that are of full quality and are suitable for cutting any type of bread. Choose between the different models that we offer you, such as the Nørden knife or the Evo knife. At you will find the option that best fits the bread knife you need.

Bread knives will allow you to efficiently cut any type of loaf without any kind of overexertion. 3 Claveles offers you different payment options so you can get one of these knives. We make our shipments to anywhere on the peninsula or the Balearic Islands quickly. If you make a purchase of more than 50 euros, shipping costs are free. If you want to receive news related to 3 Claveles in your email, do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter.

In short, bread knives are essential tools for cutting bread with precision and ease. Their serrated blade and the variety of sizes and shapes available make them ideal for a wide range of tasks related to this food.