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At 3 Claveles you will find all kinds of Sewing Scissors to be used professionally or at home. 3 Claveles Sewing Scissors are an essential tool for any seamstress or lover of sewing. Our scissors are ideal for cutting fabric, thread and other sewing materials, as well as repairing and altering garments.

There are different types of Sewing Scissors on the market, each designed to meet certain needs. There are small, lightweight scissors that work very well for precise work, such as cutting patterns or doing small repairs. There are also larger, sturdier scissors for cutting thick fabric or doing more elaborate modding tasks. In the 3 Claveles online store you will find scissors with sharp blades of different sizes, all made of carbon steel or stainless steel of the best quality. Choose between the models of professional Sewing Scissors such as dressmaker scissors for right or left handed or embroidery scissors or models specifically designed to cut thread.

When we talk about scissors, the quality of the materials is a factor that should not be underestimated. Working with a strong, sharp-bladed tool is markedly different than working with low-quality scissors that are at risk of breaking easily. High-quality scissors, such as those manufactured by 3 Claveles, simply cut better, are more durable and allow you to work more efficiently. Good scissors, like the ones that 3 Claveles puts at your disposal, can last you for years.

When shopping for Sewing Scissors be sure to choose ones with blades that are sharp and comfortable to hold. The main advantage of using this type of scissors comes from its small size. They fit anywhere and you can easily slip them into your pocket or bag. Sewing Scissors are also a lightweight tool, allowing you to cut large pieces of fabric with one hand. With the options that we offer you in 3 carnations, you can cut without limits until the end of the fabric without the risk of accidentally cutting.

The 3 Claveles Sewing Scissors are an essential tool for any type of seamstress or lover of sewing and can be used both professionally and as an amateur. Sewing Scissors are ideal for cutting fabric, thread, or other sewing materials. There are different types of scissors available that meet different needs. Make sure with the right option and offer you all the quality and all the comfort to obtain the best result.

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