Manicure nippers

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Nail Nipper

Carbon Steel - Hot Forged - Lap - Joint
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More information about Manicure nippers

The Manicure nippers 3 Claveles are perfect for hand care, as they provide a precise cut of the cuticles and nails.

The Manicure nippers are an excellent alternative to tools such as tweezers, as they allow you to cut nails precisely and evenly. They help prevent ingrown toenails and hangnails with precise cuticle cutting and their soft grip makes them easy to handle.

Use the Manicure nippers to cut the hangnails, fingernails and cuticles. These small, precision-ground, scissor-shaped tools allow you to safely and painlessly cut through tough nail cuticles, without the risk of cutting your skin.

It's important to trim your cuticles regularly to help prevent ingrown hairs and prevent dirt and bacteria from getting trapped under your nails. Manicure nippers are also an effective way to quickly trim nails, without having to dig your nails into the tips of your fingers to do so. This prevents jagged nail edges, which can prevent smooth gliding of the nail across the skin, leading to discomfort and possible nail damage.

In addition to their nail care functions, the 3 Claveles manicure pliers are an essential tool for many other DIY projects, such as leather crafts and making leather wallets. These pliers are ideal for sewing as they have a small opening that makes it easy to thread the needle.