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More information about Strainers

A Strainers is used when cooking pasta or other types of food that do not require lifting, such as rice, so that the food does not stick to the colander and end up in the sink. Strainers are also used to separate the white from the yolk when cooking eggs, to remove the seeds from fruits and vegetables, to remove the pulp from citrus fruits, and to remove the bones from broth. When making a broth, a strainer is used to remove any harmful particles that could ruin the broth and make it tasteless.

They are also useful when working with high-fat foods, such as butters, when you want to strain the fat out of the liquid. They can also be used to drain liquids when you want to preserve solids. They can also be used to clarify fruits and vegetables. Some of the more common types of strainers are the fine mesh strainer, the slotted strainer, and the heavy duty strainer. Some of the best strainers are the vibrating strainer, the silicone strainer, and the stainless steel strainer.

Another use for Strainers is when drinking milk. When you drink milk, you don't want solids or bacteria from the cow's udder to be in your glass of milk. A strainer is used to separate the solids from the liquid.

What are the different types of strainers? You can find strainers of different materials: stainless steel, silicone, etc. Some strainers have small holes in the bottom for easy rinsing, others don't. Some strainers are tall, others are short.