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The  salmon knife 3 Claveles is a precision instrument. Its long, thin blade offers flexibility and a surface with alveoli on both sides.

Our salmon knives are the perfect tool for filleting salmon by hand. The simplicity of this technique lies in its ability to present the whole fish. Salmon knives remove the skin or scales that are still attached to the meat of the fish to separate the meat from the bones in a second step. This is a time consuming process and good technique is essential to ensure success. With a salmon knife like the ones you can find in our online store you can get perfectly shaped fillets. Salmon knives do this without wasting any of the fish's bones or connective tissue. The knife is sharp and can be used to debone the fish and cut the meat into pieces. It is a long process, but one that offers the client a great deal of control.

When shopping for a salmon knife, keep in mind the details that make it a great choice. First of all, consider the blade. It must be long and fine. The blade should be flexible, allowing some movement, but also offering a sharp end with a long, thin blade.

The 3 Claveles salmon knife is the best option for cutting salmon fillets because it has a thin blade that is flexible enough to cut the meat of the fish without damaging it. The long, thin blade of the 3 Claveles salmon knives also has ridges on both sides that give the knife a greater grip surface when cutting. This knife has a honeycomb surface which also helps to keep the knife sharp.

At you will find a wide range of possibilities in salmon knives. Choose the option that you like best among the models that we put at your disposal, such as the Uniblock Ham-Salmon knife model or the Forgé Ham-Salmon knife. All our salmon knives are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel. Likewise, for the handles, we use the best materials such as POM or Proflex.

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