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3 Claveles steak knives are thin and strong with a serrated blade, which makes it easy to cut steaks and lightly roasted meat effortlessly.

Steak knives are easy to clean and maintain thanks to their stainless steel blade. The handle of this cutting knife can be made of wood or steel among other materials, making it comfortable to hold while cutting. The 3 Claveles steak knife is a great choice for kitchen lovers who often cook chops and other meats. It's also a great option for anyone who wants a thin, strong, and versatile knife.

In summary, steak knives are knives specially designed to cut beef, pork or lamb into thin and even slices. They are mainly used in restaurants and grills, but are also popular with home cooks. Steak knives have long, sharp blades with a slightly rounded tip to prevent digging into the bone. They also usually have an ergonomic grip and a guard to protect the user's hand. Steak knives are ideal for cutting chops, loins, and fillets, and can also be useful for cutting other types of meat and vegetables.

At you have top quality steak knife models for sale individually or in packs. Choose between models with stainless steel or wooden handles or sets of 4 knives such as the Wagyu or Bistro models . In the 3 Claveles online store you will find the option that best suits what you are looking for and will allow you to cut any type of meat optimally. 3 Claveles offers you different payment options and maximum geographic flexibility so that you can receive your steak knives without any problem. Shipping is done quickly and flexibly anywhere on the peninsula or the Balearic Islands. In those cases where you make an acquisition of more than 50 euros, the shipping costs are completely free. If you want to receive news related to 3 carnations in your email, subscribe to our newsletter.