Nail clippers

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We present the Nail clippers of 3 Claveles in different sizes and models to cut fingernails and toenails.

Choose the right Nail clippers for your nails: small for fingernails, large for toenails. Gently push the clipper across the nail and cut in a straight line, without curling it. You shouldn't cut too much of the nail, as this can cause problems in the future. For the best result, it is recommended to trim your nails once a week. Also, it is recommended to use a nail polish that does not have a long drying time.

To cut your toenails, choose an oval-shaped Nail clippers that is easy to hold and hold onto the nail with one hand. To cut fingernails, choose a pointed-shaped nail clipper that is easy to hold and hold onto the nail with one hand. Some clippers come with a cap that keeps out germs when not in use, while others have a built-in nail file. Most 3 Claveles nail clippers are resistant and can last for years. You can also find stainless steel nail clippers.

Take a look at our online store 3 Claveles. Select the length of the clipper you want. Decide the type of nail clippers you want, such as a pedicure clipper. Look for a variety of different size tips to cut nails of different lengths. Look for nail clipper sets that come with file attachments to file your nails. And that's it, enjoy your hands.