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3 Claveles pastry knives have long, strong blades with a wavy edge. This type of knife offers you a smooth cut for pastries, without leaving any type of crumbs or dirty traces. Pastry knives are a type of knife that is suitable for both professional use and kitchen enthusiasts.

A pastry knife is an instrument widely used in the kitchen. This type of knife, long and thin, can have a curved or straight blade and is used frequently to cut cakes, biscuits or other foods when precision and neatness are required. This type of knife can also be used to cut delicate fruits and vegetables. At the 3 Claveles online store, there are different types of pastry knives, all very useful and all made of the highest quality materials such as stainless steel and Pom for the handles. You can choose between models such as the cake knife or pastry knife depending on your needs and your level of cooking. A pastry knife is a kitchen item that never fails you.

Pastry knives will allow you to efficiently cut any type of cake without any difficulty and in the cleanest way. If you are already clear about the type of model you are interested in, 3 Claveles offers you, you can purchase it comfortably by choosing from the payment options available to you. Your orders arrive quickly at their destination anywhere on the peninsula or the Balearic Islands. If you make a purchase of more than 50 euros, shipping costs are free. If you want to receive information related to 3 Claveles in your email, do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter , where you will receive news related to our brand.