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In our knife sets you will find different sizes, shapes and materials of knives. Choose the set that best suits you from the wide range of possibilities that we have to offer you. At 3 Claveles we really have a versatile and varied offer with sets such as the Toledo knife pack made of stainless steel and with a POM handle, the Domvs knife pack or the Ash Forge kitchen set that also includes scissors.

Knife sets offer you different solutions for different types of food. At 3 claveles you will find a kitchen set with 3, 4, 5 or more knives, all of different sizes and for different tasks. Also, the size and shape of the knife are also important. In the sets you will find knives with a sharp point, with a rounded point with sharp or serrated edges. If you want to cut hard foods, you should get a sharp knife. If you want to cut soft foods, you can choose a smaller edged knife. The use of one or the other knife will depend on the type of food you are going to cut.

There are different materials for different types of tastes and people. For example, you can choose sets with oak handles as knives for a person who likes wooden utensils. You can also choose a steel knife for a person who likes steel utensils. Choose one of our Nørden knife sets . The most common knife sets used are Uniblock , Sakura and straight edge. It's nice to have a set of each of them. A good quality knife set will last you a long time. You can buy sets of knives in our 3 Claveles online store.

The 3 Claveles knife sets will allow you to cut all kinds of food thanks to the versatility they offer. With 3 Claveles knives, you will get the most out of any type of meat, vegetable or fish, whatever its class or hardness. You can buy your set of knives in a comfortable and simple way right now by choosing the type of payment that best suits your needs. Our articles reach any point of the territory and the Balearic Islands. With 3 Claveles, if you make a purchase of more than 50 euros, shipping costs are completely free. If you want to receive more information related to 3 Claveles, subscribe to the newsletter , where you will receive news related to our brand.

In short, with the 3 Claveles knife sets you will have everything you need to cut each food item with the most appropriate option for it.