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Showing 13-24 of 52 item(s)

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Cutting performance, ergonomics and lightness in the 3 Claveles professional Hairdressing Scissors . Cutting, thinning, texturizing and razors.

Cutting performance, ergonomics and lightness in the 3 Claveles Hairdressing Scissors . Cutting, sculpting, thinning and razors. In the 3 Claveles hairdressing scissors section you will find everything you need to carry out your professional activity with the right tools. Take a look at everything that 3 Claveles offers you in its online store where you will find options of a high level of quality in scissors, razors or kits.

Hairdressing Scissors are an essential tool for any hairdresser or hair care lover. 3 Claveles hairdressing scissors are ideal for cutting and trimming hair, as well as for styling tasks.

In the 3 Claveles online store you have different types of hairdressing scissors at your disposal. Each item you find in our hairdressing scissors section is designed to meet specific needs. The small and light scissors facilitate jobs that require greater precision, such as cutting ends of hair or making small repairs. Larger scissors are useful for cutting thicker hair or more complex styling tasks.

The Hairdressing Scissors  that we have for sale at 3claveles.com are made of the best quality stainless steel. At 3 Claveles we have a wide variety of models with blades of different lengths and shapes that guarantee the best coverage.

In all professions, and hairdressing is no exception, it is essential to have the right tools to perform the job to be done optimally. When shopping for Hairdressing Scissors , be sure to choose ones with sharp blades that are comfortable to hold. It is also important to verify that the scissors comply with all regulations and are made responsibly. Some of the most popular hairdressing scissors include razor cutting edge scissors, smooth cutting edge scissors, and micro-serrated cutting edge scissors. Razor cutting edge scissors are ideal for cutting hair by gliding like a razor, while smooth cutting edge scissors are perfect for removing hair ends and doing minor touch-ups. Micro-serrated cutting edge scissors are ideal for cutting thick hair and performing complex styling and combing tasks.

Don't skimp on Hairdressing Scissors . Low-quality scissors can easily break or hinder your work because they do not have a sharp enough blade. In 3 claveles you will find scissors, razors and kits that offer all the guarantees for optimal professional or amateur performance.

You can purchase your Hairdressing Scissors  by using a card or other means. The purchases you make at 3 Claveles are fully secure and deliveries are made quickly anywhere on the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. In the purchases that you make that are greater than 50 euros, the shipping costs are free. If you have any questions about the purchase you are going to make, do not hesitate to contact 3 Claveles. Receive all the news and updates by subscribing to our Newsletter.