Frying pans and casseroles

We have just launched a new range of 3 Claveles cooking utensils which includes 21 products. The frying pans, saucepan, grill plate and wok are suitable for all cookers hobs: induction, electric, vitro-ceramic and gas. With the new cookware 3 Claveles, cooking will be a pleasure!

The 3 Claveles cookware range is organised into three collections: Dark, Grey and Red Special.

Dark Collection

Sartenes y cacerolas Dark 3 Claveles

The 3 Claveles Dark collection is made of cast aluminium, the material that provides the best results in terms of hardness and resistance. For its manufacture, the liquid aluminium is poured into moulds in the shape of the utensil to be made. This prevents the utensils from losing their initial shape due to temperature changes and the passage of time.

The design and thickness of 3 Claveles Dark Collection cookware provides excellent heat distribution and heat retention, allowing energy savings. All Dark Collection products incorporate QuanTanium non-stick coating, a multi-layer coating reinforced with a unique blend of titanium particles designed to provide excellent resistance to scratching, abrasion and wear.

casseroles have heat-resistant silicone handles. The casseroles in the collection can be placed in the oven without the lid. In this case, it is recommended to remove the handles before use and put them back when you take them out of the oven so as not to burn yourself.

All products in the collection are PFOA-free.

Find all Dark Collection products here.

Grey Collection

The 3 Claveles Grey collection is made of forged aluminium. This material allows the manufacture of cooking utensils with a good quality-price ratio, tolerates quite high temperatures and avoids deformation.

The design of the collection is inspired by stone. All Grey Collection utensils have a QuanTanium non-stick coating reinforced with titanium, which provides excellent protection against scratching and abrasion.

The frying pans and wok have soft touch bakelite handles. The handles of the grill plate are made of silicone.

All products in the collection are PFOA-free.

Find all Grey Collection products here.

Red Special

The 3 Claveles Red Special collection is made of recycled pressed aluminium and stainless steel handles.

The collection includes four modern and lightweight frying pans that are corrosion resistant and allow for fast heat distribution.

Like all 3 Claveles cookware products, the frying pans in the Red Special collection have a QuanTanium non-stick coating reinforced with titanium, making them resistant to scratching, abrasion and wear.

All products in the collection are PFOA-free.

Find all Red Special products here.

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